25 October 2010

a place to call our own

After months of ups and downs on the crazy roller coaster that is house hunting, my boyfriend and I officially own our own little piece of the world! Although the new house isn't the place I mentioned here, we love it all the same - as does our pup, pictured below comfortable as ever lying by our new fireplace. We have a bit of remodeling to do before we actually move [and a lot of furniture to purchase], but it looks like we will be living there by Christmastime...and we can't wait!



  1. So excited for you guys!! CONGRATS MEG!!! Wish we would have had our brunch date but it looks like you are quite busy. Sending you love and hugs!! Where is the new place?? Send me your address in an email so I can send you a little house warming gift. XO

  2. Meg how exciting I cannot wait to see it!!! You Deserve this so much tell Scotty congrats!!