28 February 2010

simple & sweet

One of my favorite Sunday afternoon activities is attempting to master new recipes - and my boyfriend never objects when I decide to dedicate some time to this little hobby (I couldn't imagine why!). There is nothing I love more than finding recipes that look and taste like I've spent hours slaving, when in fact I've spent minutes.

Today I decided to whip up delicious cinnamon-sugar coated mini-donuts. After doing a bit of internet research I discovered that accomplishing this would be much easier than I ever imagined...rather than making the dough from scratch, simply buy premade biscuit dough from the refrigerator section - who would have thought?

These adorable little morsels took minutes, and made me feel like a little girl again.

[mini cinnamon-sugar donuts]
2 tubes buttermilk biscuit dough
peanut oil for frying

Fill a large dutch oven with 2 inches of peanut oil, heat to 350 degrees.
With a 1/2 round cookie cutter, cut the centers out of each biscuit. Reserve centers for donut holes.
Fry each donut & donut hole until golden brown.
Remove from oil, transfer immediately to paper towel lined plate.
Coat in cinnamon-sugar.

26 February 2010

rain, rain

San Francisco has started it's weekend with lots of rain. On this rainy weekend I'll be daydreaming of the rainy days on Maui!

[gorgeous rainy december days on maui]

24 February 2010

fashion week from afar

The great thing about social media blowing up is instant gratification - news spreads like wildfire. But, being a lover of fashion, it hurts a bit to sit idly watching tweets come through minute-by-minute from the bloggers, press, and other fashion week-goers oohing and aahing at the fabulous new looks as they come strutting down the runway during each show. Someday I hope to enter the impenetrable tents, but until then I must admire from afar!

Fall 2010 fashion week was a dream to me - ask any of my closest friends and they will tell you my closet is very, um, neutral. I love textures and will throw a bright top or dress in here or there, but most (90%) of my clothes are black, white, or somewhere in between. Fashion week was like my closet, amplified to the millionth degree! Nudes, blacks, whites, grays, and the most gorgeous texture everywhere you turn.

It was hard to choose favorites, but if I must...

[volume and lace at marchesa]
[marc jacobs gets glam]
[masculine Michael Kors]
[DvF never disappoints]
Photos via New York Magazine

05 February 2010

excuse me, mister?

Okay…you got me. Ms.Mr is actually not a mister at all (the frilly font & hearts ♥ didn’t give me away, did they?). She is me and I am her, and we will be sharing a few of our favorite things here.

A word of warning: I have a small obsession with dresses & a terrible addiction to exclamation points