14 April 2010

take me away

Lately the travel bug has been itching me like crazy. Last week I was [this] close to booking a cheap [no, really!] 9-night trip to London in October for my boyfriend and I...but I didn't do it. Wherever my next adventure will take me, I am on the market and taking suggestions!

Our last getaway was a [quick] week long trip to Maui - it was teeming with activities from concerts, to lots of fish & overflowing mai-tais, to surf competitions, snorkeling, hiking, and swimming in waterfalls, whale watching, and witnessing the largest swell on the northshore in years [55+ foot waves!]. Needless to say, it was
a m a z i n g.

[hiking through the pineapple fields to see Laird Hamilton tackle huge waves at Jaws - aka Peahi]

[swimming in waterfalls]


[a little relaxation]


  1. ahh a trip to Maui! i haven't been there in years...and how beautiful (except for that spider).
    xox alison

  2. Oh thanks a lot now I want to take a trip to some place tropical. Hey when are we going to Scott's cabin!!! Let's do it!

  3. thanks for your lovely comment. You have a gorgeous blog here even if its new. Stay in touch, lets add eachother in blogluvin. x

  4. this looks amazing... i love hawaii and vacations with your honey are the best!

    kiwi and i always have the travel bug... we are heading to thailand in june and i cannot wait!

  5. Southeast Asia is on my to do list!!! BUT I want to go when we can spend a month (or two)...hopefully we will be able to SOON!