16 March 2010

zara: spring/summer 2010

If you live near a ZARA, you can understand my obsession. Every time I cross the threshold, spending hours and loads of money is not hard to do. I'm in love with these photos from their spring/summer 2010 collection - somehow the model looks sweltering hot and super glam all at the same time! To do: pick up some of this stuff for my next African safari.

Photos via ZARA


  1. your blog is really cute. and i LOVE finding san fran bloggers!! :)
    my boy lives in sonoma, and we have YET to go wine tasting! we drove through last weekend to go for a hike, and it kind of got me itching for a weekend getaway.

  2. thanks, jordan!! yours is adorable also - definitely will be one of my daily reads! I actually JUST started my blog a few weeks ago, so it's so exciting to have a new reader! have you ever gone to the blog out loud events in SF? I haven't yet, definitely want to check it out soon!

    wine tasting is a MUST - the weather is amazing right now; if you find the time you should go soon!