19 March 2010

hello, sunshine!

A heat wave has hit the Bay Area, and spring fever is in full effect! This weekend is one of the few in the next few months that I have to spend as I please, so after a long week of work I'll be soaking up the sun as much as possible!

TO DO: a long hike with my love, birthday celebrations, and a little shopping [of course].

Photo via Porter Grey


  1. Thanks Mara! I just started it & am having so much fun finding new blogs to check out! I used to live in Santa Monica, so I love reading your posts!

  2. Meg... Happy First Day of Spring tomorrow!!! I love that you are chatting with Mara... she is a doll and her blog is lovely!!! Love you lady! xo

  3. Whoo hooo love this post. Oh and PS we must go shopping together soon.